Sites I Contribute To

If you want to take a look at some other really great pop culture blogs that I am lucky enough to be a guest writer for, here are some links!

First is the link to The Film Chair, specifically the page with all my contributions. Haven’t written for this site in a while, but when I did, I covered occasional advance press screenings that happened in NYC, as well as contributed essay posts and lists:

Since January of 2014, I’ve served as a monthly contributor to the amazing site French Toast Sunday, where I started my own feature called Trope Talk. Please check that out as well as everything else they’re doing over there including their podcasts and director of the month features. It’s a fantastic site:

I am also a contributor to Audiences Everywhere, as of May 2014. My submissions aren’t scheduled regularly, but rather they’re based on assignment, topics of interest, etc. It’s a really cool forum for thought-provoking conversations among film fans and writers from, well, everywhere!:

For some of the other awesome blogs which I read, comment on, support, promote and greatly admire, please browse through the blogs I follow, located in the last widget on the right hand side of my page; I highly recommend them all!

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