Redhead at the Movies Returns! A Coming-of-Age Story / Struggling-Superhero Sequel of Sorts…

Hello world! I’m back from the dead! For those of you who follow me on Twitter though, or who happen to otherwise frequent Audiences Everywhere and French Toast Sunday, you’ll know that I wasn’t completely dead to the world. Even though my blogging is still slow and sporadic all around, you can almost always find me more active on those sites. As I’ve said before, I care deeply about meeting the deadlines of those two lovely, stellar blogs that I write for which aren’t my own, and so writing for my own has, unfortunately, taken yet another back-back-back burner to those commitments and to everyday life; what else is new!

I think i’m going to formally end my Walking Recap posts, which is a sad announcement for me to have to make but a necessary and seemingly obvious one, seeing as the guilt that mounts whenever I miss one is too much to bear– and for this past season, well, I’ve missed nearly the entire second half’s worth. But, let me just say, it truly was a phenomenal season, wasn’t it?
As far as blogging here goes, I’m going to at least make it more of a point to post compilations of what I’ve been writing elsewhere on the internet. Things are only about to get busier for me, for reasons I’d prefer not to reveal to the world just yet (but never fear, it is good news, not bad!) Yet, the same thing that is about to make me even busier has also renewed my stamina and drive to post as often as I can, whatever I can. I started this blog for me, and have grown to realize I owe it to all of you reading and to myself to keep this up before I find that I really cannot do so anymore.
Anyway, I haven’t seen any new movies really, not since Whiplash in February (and I intend to review it upon my second screening of the film, which is going to happen soon I hope, because I loved it– and if those three words could be enough of a review, I’d let them stand as such. But, they’re not enough to capture my adoration for this film. I doubt an entire review would even do the trick. A well-deserved plethora of wins at this year’s Oscars, especially for editing… Anyway, more on that soon!)
Another thing I can do with regard to keeping up my blog within the confined of my crazy life right now, would be to try being a little more free-form in my posts; treat this like a workbook or diary, to vent my pop culture feelings of course, be they excitement or anger. I’ll do my best to be creative and articulate– two skills and talents which I know I possess but which need more frequent exercise than they’ve been getting lately– because I do know there are those of you who read my blog when I do write on it, and for that I really am eternally grateful. So I want to entertain and enlighten you as much as I want to do this for myself.
Or, I may do one post per month aside from any new reviews: what I’m watching, reading, what’s happening in my [pop culture] life. Any essay-type analytical think pieces will probably be found more or less exclusively at Audiences Everywhere and French Toast Sunday rather than on here, but we’ll see.
For now, I’d just like to say that the KINO Film Festival for new German films will be taking place next week. I haven’t forgotten my foreign film project for 2015, people! In fact, you can read reviews of Human Capital and Wild Tales over at Audiences Everywhere. See, the best is when I get to see the films in a theater and its even better when it’s part of a film festival. And they’re German films so I’m extra excited. I’ll be seeing Who Am I – No System Is Safe, starring one of my favorite German actors, Tom Schilling, on Monday, and one other film called Flights of Fancy on Thursday. I’ll try to review them but make no promises anymore!

I’ve also been watching a lot more TV lately which is another direction I may take the blog in (aside from withdrawing my Walking Recap feature). I love Fresh Off the Boat– an endearing entry into the diversity conversation surrounding television and media in general, and also it’s just a really cute sitcom that proves diversity on television is viable and entertaining to masses. Of course, no show proved that better perhaps than Empire, which was an addictive binge-watching project that had me obsessed (okay, I’m still obsessed actually). And of course, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt– hilarious, absurd, and feminist, what more could I have asked for from Tina Fey’s new show.

Thanks for understanding and for reading my ramblings, even when they get emotional and personal and stray away from industry news and movie reviews. I’m trying my hardest to turn over the new leaf that I’ve been meaning to for months now and to really stick with it, but what a heavy leaf it can be.

One thought on “Redhead at the Movies Returns! A Coming-of-Age Story / Struggling-Superhero Sequel of Sorts…

  1. A shame you’re ending The Walking Dead recaps, as I did personally look forward to them, but at the same time, you have to prioritize and take care of what’s most important, so it’s understandable. And yes, it takes more than three words to describe Whiplash.

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