The Walking Recap: Four Walls and a Roof

Apologies again for such a delayed recap of last week’s episode– I can only hope that it’s still fun for you guys to read and comment on (and I’m also in the process of sifting through and responding to comments, by the way! Not ignoring them on purpose, I just don’t get to blog or comment back as often as I’d like to.) Or, maybe it serves as a refresher before this weekend’s episode (it certainly helps me remember!) Either way, I thank you all for your patience and understanding as always as I navigated my first week at a new job and the new, longer commute. I really will try to time manage and keep up with all my blogging responsibilities once I figure out this new routine!

Anyway, I’m giving this episode 4 out of 5 Rick-promises (because he sure does know how to keep his promises!) And for the sake of time and due to the delay, I’m going to go through the major moments of this episode rather succinctly.

Bob reveals to everyone that he has been bitten– a particularly hard revelation for Sasha to deal with, in this episode. Tyrese tells her later to forgive the Terminus people, as hard as it may be– even keeping with the themes of forgiveness that pervade this season so far, this seemed a little weird to me at first. But alas, Tyrese knows what it’s like to hold violent grudges and be blinded by them, and has also experienced the release and closure that comes with forgiveness. He didn’t want Sasha to miss any important final moments with Bob for the sake of seeking revenge.

The goodbyes bestowed upon Bob were heartfelt, even if he never stood out as a particularly fleshed out or important character in the group– people in that group still learned to love and accept him, just as we viewers did. Plus, it isn’t often that we get to see such closure between the group and a character whose death is imminent but prolonged, so to witness Tyrese stab him so clinically, as a matter of procedure and protocol and necessity, was sad and shocking in its own unique and emotional way.


Before this happens though, we find our group cleverly tricking the Terminus folks, and they had us fooled at first, too. A portion of our group hides in the church while another portion “leave,” looking for the elementary school where the Terminus folks held Bob, so that Gareth believes the church is particularly vulnerable. But, just in time, Rick and his portion of the gang basically ambush them in the church. And, despite any pleas or resistance, Rick proves to be a man of his word, bludgeoning Gareth with the same machete he promises to kill him with in a previous episode. The scene is a thrilling and unsettling massacre– in some ways, more brutal than what we’ve seen yet, and in another sense, this kind of violent brutality seems to be a norm for the season, which is mostly fine by me.


Finally, Daryl returns seemingly solo, and when asked where Carol is, he says something along the lines of, “you can come out now,” to someone unseen in the woods and shadows behind him. In this upcoming episode, we’ll find out from him where he ended up in looking for Beth– and what he ultimately discovered on this little mission. And, I suppose, we’ll find out what the mystery was all about in revealing Carol (or whoever may have been with him in this strange moment).

Some other notable moments include Abraham leaving for DC with Glenn and Maggie and Tara at the end of the episode as an unfortunate ultimatum/compromise– I don’t like the whole splitting up thing but I hope it works out and that they all meet up once again. Abraham even says that the new world needs Rick Grimes, and it’s true– even if they have all been conditioned to be ruthless at this point.

Also, Maggie has the best line (also the title line) in the whole episode. Since the compromise was that Abraham and Eugene stay another day in exchange for Glenn, Maggie, and Tara’s company when they do head out, they’re there to help with the ambush/massacre. When it’s done, Father Gabriel says, in disbelief, “This is the Lord’s house,” to which Maggie replies “No, it’s just four walls and a roof.” Also, last amazing moment I should mention– Michonne had arguably the best reunion of the entire season when she found her katana on the dead body of one of the Terminus crew. Just saying.


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