Review: We’re the Millers



Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber 
Starring: Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston 
Rating: 3 and a half out of 5 “smidges” of “mari-ju-ana” for this entertaining, albeit very predictable and unevenly paced, comedy. It certainly delivers enough laughs for me to say I liked it, but there were certainly those moments where the pacing lagged awkwardly and of course those moments where I could have called what was coming next. But even with those flaws, it was a fun and mindless time. 

The film, first of all, truly benefits most from the times that truly tap into its lead actors’ potential. Jason Sudeikis plays a pot dealer turned smuggler turned pseudo dad in this summer comedy blockbuster, and his raunchy, vulgar banter with Aniston’s stripper turned wife Rose and their fake children Kenny and Casey (played by Will Poulter and Emma Roberts) is almost always hilarious, but can get a little played out for sure. The scenarios they find themselves in are, again, typical but that doesn’t stop them from being amusing. 

There were some portions of the film which seemed oddly timed; a little too long and almost, oddly, sentimentally drawn out while others had the familiar speed of a slapstick disaster comedy, which in my opinion worked much better than the former. But, that is not to say those scenes which took their time in this way were boring or lacking their own mildly funny charm, and the very predictably happy end (sorry for the spoilers?) sort of benefited from those scenes, especially because whatever little character development and bonding there was to be had happened in those scenes and made the happy ending that much happier.

So, no this isn’t the most original or carefully constructed comedy; it won’t be the most revolutionary thing that has ever made you laugh but I do feel that it will make you laugh. A lot of the funniest scenes were featured in the trailer, but the movie did sustain itself as a moderately effective comedy. I definitely had fun with this film, but I wouldn’t set expectations too high– it isn’t anything more than it claims to be, so don’t expect it to be and you will probably have a satisfying enough time laughing with, and at, this dysfunctional would-be family as they try to smuggle weed over the Mexican border.  


5 thoughts on “Review: We’re the Millers

  1. If this movie was crude and crass all the way through. I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more then I did. Also I felt that it held back on a lot of it’s raunchy tone. I found the outtakes to be better then the movie, and that’s not a really good sign for me.

    • I know what you mean, I think it really went for it in some scenes and then you had these longer scenes that dragged the pace out and pulled the level of that source of comedy down quite a bit too, and that is why I felt the film was so uneven. I haven’t watched the outtakes but I’ll be sure to find them and check them out; I still had fun with this movie I think mostly because of the cast and because the parts that worked were amusing enough to compensate, at least somewhat, for the parts that didn’t. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Love this movie, very funny from start to end, the perfect family vacation with all the usual drug cartel activity and chase scenes. Can agree, but only a little, that there are a couple of scenes that do slow the pace slightly but overall a funny movie

  3. I thought this film was really good for its ambition. I tend to like comedies that can sneak in that sendimental layer so when the happy ending comes, it packs an emotional punch to it. Good points about the timing. I thought it was odd that they crossed the border back into the US relatively early in the film. I thought it was a good break-out role for Sudeikis and Emma Roberts added a lot.

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