Preview Review: Exciting New Trailers!

A whole slew of highly-anticipated trailers have been released in the last few weeks, and now that they’ve accumulated, I feel like a new edition of Preview Review is definitely in order!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (release May 2nd, 2014)


Spider-Man is my favorite superhero, so being unbiased when considering Marc Webb’s followup to his first entry in the rebooted franchise will be hard. First of all, I love Sam Raimi and the original trilogy as well, but obviously do see the flaws in his third film. And further, I especially love Webb’s take on the character, the casting and the mostly refreshing take (in terms of chronology, villains and perhaps most notably Gwen Stacy instead of Mary Jane) on what was somewhat the same origin story. Now, one of the aforementioned flaws in Raimi’s third installment was of course the presence of too many villains, 3 to be precise. Yet this sequel seems to be following in the same footsteps at least in that very logistic respect. I will remain loyal and excited however, because aside from this, the trailer looks epic and above all, fun; it doesn’t look to be moody or overly serious like the third film in the original trilogy, and this will hopefully lighten the load that could have been made heavy by having so many enemies for our hero to conquer. So I think that will definitely help, but I just hope audiences aren’t so scarred that they feel forced or obligated to compare to two films, which is an understandable but unfair first reaction I think. Consensus: Yes, there is a lot going on here, but I don’t think we should automatically assume the overload will act as a flaw rather than a strength; I think the new additions of Dane DeHaan as Henry Osborn and Jamie Foxx as Electro will especially inject even more life into the franchise and story than was already there thanks to the chemistry between Garfield and Stone. So despite all the potential mishaps this sequel’s plot could fall victim to, I’m still very excited for this movie and I say that with absolutely no embarrassment.

Godzilla (release May 2014)


This trailer is a little boring, and that’s a shame because it’s Godzilla after all. But, in a similar situation to Spider-Man, I’m still very intrigued to see this reboot somehow– even though it is yet another that seems almost too close for comfort, but which presents itself as far more loyal and traditional and reverent to the original 1956 monster than what we’d seen recently. The whole army-vibe at the beginning of the trailer though, with a voice over that made me feel like we were in a lesser version of Pacific Rim‘s trailer (lesser because we aren’t even given the inspirational pizzazz that was inherent in Idris Elba’s performance of a similar monologue), bored me. It wasn’t until we got to the middle of the trailer that I was a little more engaged; it certainly helped to finally see our main stars (Bryan Cranston, Aaron Johnson, and Elizabeth Olsen) even if for only a moment. Our true main star of the film, however, is going to be the monster itself and this trailer’s main success is definitely the obscured shot we get of our beloved Gojira and hearing that mighty and familiar roar through the fog. Consensus: I don’t think this teaser really sold me on why we need a remake except for the fact that the effectively hidden view we get of Godzilla itself is so reminiscent of the old-school version’s monster that it’s almost as if the more recent remake doesn’t matter and shouldn’t be counted. I’m looking forward to seeing some more variations of the trailer and ultimately I will probably see this movie no matter what.

22 Jump Street (release summer 2014)


I loved 21 Jump Street and was excited that we were basically set up for a sequel by the film’s end (the natural transition being from high school to college) but I’m worried ever so slightly that the gimmicks and jokes will be exactly the same as the first film which, I felt, was genuinely different than any action-comedy I’d ever seen. I suppose I wouldn’t mind if the story does play out similarly if they maintain the same quality and conviction to every gag and scenario; if it’s still funny, then I’m less apt to nitpick about the film’s lack of originality. If something makes me laugh and I enjoy it, then this concern lessens significantly, but I do foresee a lot of critics having this same issue and not taking it as lightly. All of that being said, this trailer made me laugh and I think the college environment will be a really interesting aspect, possibly even a game changer entirely. Consensus: The fact that I was cracking up at this red band trailer alone is proof that this sequel can succeed on the same jokes and premises as the first film, but it’s a delicate balance between doing the same thing again but having it be hilarious and then the unfortunate alternative– doing the same thing again and having audiences question: “didn’t we already see this movie?” But, I love Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum so I am very much looking forward to this movie, even just for them and their antics together which will be amusing and worth the admission price regardless.

Interstellar (release November 2014)


This film is, allegedly, about explorers who find a wormhole in time and space. This trailer, however, does not tell us this at all really. Instead, it gives us a beautiful montage of original historical footage to support the Matthew McConaughey spoken soliloquy about innovation and human potential. As a trailer, it doesn’t tell us enough to sell the movie but as a supplement to merely getting some buzz started about a movie that does not really need to be sold at all, it is fascinating. This is, after all, Christopher Nolan’s next film, so to tone down this trailer is an interesting move and a step back to the most nuanced aspects of his mind-bending cinematic style, away from the more action and star studded aspects that we’ve been given recently with his Dark Knight trilogy and even Inception. Plus, with a cast that blends newbies with Nolan favorites and a story literally about space and dimensions that exist through wormholes, I’m sure the film will deliver enough sensory stimulation without feeling the need to bombard us with that in the first teaser. Consensus: I personally want to see a bit more actual footage– seeing McConaughey tearing up while driving just wasn’t enough for me but it certainly did incite my curiosity– before deciding just how invested in this film I’m going to be, but I’m sure there are people who need not see any promotional material at all and are already prepared to buy their tickets.


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