Preview Review: Random Trailers!

Hello all! Welcome to another rundown of cool (or maybe not so cool, we shall see) trailers I’ve been seeing.

Escape From Tomorrow (In theaters and On Demand October 11th)


This movie is going to be the ultimate guerrilla film: apparently shot inconspicuously on site at Disney world/land, this film raises questions of fair use and permission by way of probably the most protective company in terms of intellectual property rights. All of that makes me all the more intrigued, but the trailer alone certainly surprises us; to see an artistically shot horror-esque film in what we ordinarily think of as the most colorful and happy place on earth is going to be mind-blowing and courageous in a way that cannot be beat, I’m sure. The black and white adds to the already odd and quite scary tone of the trailer, not to mention the familiarity we will all undoubtedly bring with us to this avant-garde exercise in experimental but still highly engrossing genre filmmaking. Consensus: Count me in.

RoboCop (2014) 


I’m excited on the principle that this is Robocop, but not necessarily based on the trailer alone; I’m a fan of the original in all its horrible campy glory, and this trailer makes me think that this remake, necessarily, will lose some of that cheesy quality. That being said, it does look epic and is in line with this idea that is rampant in our current film world that if we have the technology to make things better, why shouldn’t we re-do them and have these stories reach their full potential? Read my latest Redhead Temper for more on that topic. Consensus: The cast is amazing, the action looks top-notch, my only concern is that it will be “better” than the original, but that is very well a debatable and problematic assumption. If I forget to just look at this film on its own, as opposed to seeing it as nothing more than a remake with standards to live up to or expand upon, then I would be viewing this film as something more than it truly is perhaps, as something it cannot and should not perhaps need to live up to in order to be considered good: a fun, action-packed sci-fi romp on its own, albeit through familiar territory, just with some shinier metal and fancier weaponry in tow.

Neighbors (May 9th, 2014)


For the sake of sustaining my laughter well after the trailer, I decided to include this image instead of a poster, because this was the kind of random point in the trailer that I needed to affirm my expectation that this movie is going to be too funny for its own good; Zac Efron, of whom I am not usually a fan, looks hilarious here as a frat boy neighbor to Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne, who are pretty much flawless as comic actors always to me anyway, so combining them in what is probably going to be an insane movie of the raunchiest sort makes me very happy indeed. Consensus: It probably won’t please everyone, but then again, if it is done well, it just might please more than you’d think, and with Nicholas Stoller directing (after all, he gave us one of my personal favorite movies ever, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) my hopes are high that the sabotage and sexual humor shenanigans here will be of the utmost quality… Which is to say, in other words, I’m going to laugh my face off during it and I don’t care what anyone else thinks about it so far.

We Are What We Are (September 27, 2013)


This trailer effectively shrouds the main family’s customs and traditions in creepy mystery but gives away just enough at the same time; I had read somewhere that they’re cannibals, and only a few shots in the trailer hint at this, but it also gives off the idea that there is so much more going on here. The trailer builds tension and markets that as opposed to hinting at gore, and presents us with questions in a chilling way that makes me want to see the film if only to seek answers. The blurbs from festival reviews also help by hinting at some kind of shock ending and that this is all in all a finely tuned genre installment. Consensus: I am simultaneously creeped out and intrigued, and that’s all you can really ask from a horror trailer.

Homefront (November 27th, 2013)


This trailer starts off strong by drawing us in and making us question why this little girl is the way she is, besides the fact that her dad is Jason Statham. It ends up giving away a little too much by the very very end but other than that, it looks like it has the potential to be an engaging if slightly self-indulgent little thriller, and will hopefully prove Statham’s acting chops while reaffirming James Franco’s as well. Both appear to be a little hammy in here but not in a bad way. In fact, it seems like the type of typical drama that calls for that and will be entertaining enough if executed in just the right way. Consensus: It seems like it will be better than maybe one would expect; my hope is that it is just predictable enough to be fun but not so formulaic that we’re unimpressed by the parts of it that really could prove to be great, including the acting and action.


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