No Particular Order: Friday the 13th Edition!

In this edition of No Particular Order, I wanted to do something Friday the 13th related, but found it too difficult to simply name a few favorite horror films, even if I narrowed it down to a subgenre. Then, my good friend MariAnne made a brilliant suggestion– what if I picked 6 horror movies that, while I may love them a lot of course, aren’t necessarily as pressure and stress inducing as having to pick a definitive top 6 because they’d be picked with the main purpose of spelling out the word “Friday”

So here we go!

F: Final Destination (2000)


I loved this film when I first saw it ages ago now, before it became another franchise filled with increasingly over the top exercises in creative killings. But the first entry is still fresh and fun on its own as a twisted and intricately violent tale of death and those who cheat it.

R: Return of the Living Dead (1985)


This movie is the ultimate zom-com. I haven’t watched it in years now, but it was the film that pretty much made me love the zombie-comedy crossover genre. It is totally ridiculous, with punk rock zombies that moan for “braaaaains,” and it makes for a perfectly odd black sheep entry in a long line of zombie flicks that take themselves, comparably speaking, far too seriously.

I: Insidious (2010)


This film is just plain awesome; James Wan takes a fairly simple and formulaic Poltergeist story and makes it satisfyingly scary by revamping and complicating the elements we went in expecting, creeping us out relentlessly until the chilling end. This is a particularly important film on this list considering Insidious Chapter 2 premieres in theaters today!

D: The Descent (2005)


Okay this was a tough one; The Devil’s Rejects (2005) was my other option, and I love it dearly. Rob Zombie mastered the art of creepy and crude comic violence with this, the more accomplished film in his two part saga. However, for the sake of recommending the truly scarier film beginning with D, I had to go with The Descent. The slow build pays off in this below-ground creature feature, filled with some of the most terrifying monsters ever and some awesome female leads. A third honorable mention would have been the always entertaining Sam Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell (2009).

A: Army of Darkness (1992)


Okay, so maybe this film wasn’t so much horror as it was pure hilariousness but I still love it as the sort of culminating film in Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy. I really have nothing more to say about it that isn’t self explanatory, it is just that legendary and an obvious choice for me for the letter A.

Y: You’re Next (2013)


Read my review a few posts down for more information on what about this film is so wonderful, but more or less: it flips the home invasion genre on its head with humor and an eerie sense of ease and more or less meta self awareness. And it’s still in theaters so maybe a double feature with Insidious Chapter 2 is in order for anyone reading this post and looking for some hope for the genre’s future in our cinemas today.




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