Preview Review: Trailers shown before You’re Next and Blue Jasmine

In this edition of my first impressions post, I’m going to look at some of the spots shown before You’re Next and Blue Jasmine; since I saw both in the theaters yesterday it seemed like a good opportunity to use those coming attractions!

First, there was Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa (Release: October 25th)


I’m not going to go into immense production detail, or shall I even venture to say plot, but more or less this is Borat for the jackass generation. What I mean is, this isn’t just your next installment of the Jackass series where the same stupid stunts are topped time and time again until we’ve had enough of the haphazard bodily harm humor. This is one of those situations where actors are making real people feel uncomfortable, and to me that is simultaneously worse to watch but perhaps also more entertaining to witness. That is what I, guilty pleasure confession coming up everyone, kind of love about Jackass and what I’m so looking forward to here: it is that sick sense of discomfort and the ensuing laughter that these films seem to bring together so seamlessly. Consensus: this is obviously not going to be for everyone, but for those like myself who find it embarrassingly hilarious, it will probably be great, but probably not worth my money in theaters.

Then, of course, Thor: The Dark World (Release: November 8th, 2013)


I liked this longer trailer a lot better, it had humor and action but just enough to draw you in. Then again, any Marvel fan who saw the first one is already expecting the best here. I did think it was funny, and not in a good way by the way, that one of the first shots we see is a slow motion Chris Hemsworth walking away from the camera, so we’re just admiring his golden Norse locks while we hear Tom Hiddleston’s Loki in voiceover… So the girls should definitely be excited from this trailer I guess. So good going, Marvel! Consensus: All kidding aside, this sequel appeals to me more than the first Thor movie did, maybe because we all think we know what to expect and the stakes seem raised as a result of our familiarity in a post Avengers movie universe. So I’ll be there, for sure.

Ah but then, there was Riddick (Release: September 6th, 2013)


Now, I don’t want to sound biased, in the sense that I never liked the first two films in this now trilogy. But besides that, this trailer did nothing to sway me otherwise. It is truly one of the worst trailers I’ve seen recently, just in the sense that its structure does nothing to tease us: it shows us practically a whole scene in it’s entirety as if to build tension before revealing any exciting or more rapidly edited snippets to get us enticed and intrigued about the world of the film. It doesn’t flow and it doesn’t make sense as a trailer, and I wonder if it’s indicative of a not really all that exciting, coherent sci-fi action thriller. Consensus: No. Just, no. And if that makes me a bad geek girl then so be it, they should have made a less choppy, more interesting trailer then.

Let’s move on now to the two trailers shown before Blue Jasmine for a change of tone. First, there was Austenland (Release: late September, 2013)


What sounds like it should be an original and even cutesy premise– a woman played by Keri Russell obsessed with Pride and Prejudice goes to a Jane Austen theme park in search of Darcy style true love– looks not so inviting in the trailer. It plays like any other silly stupid rom com but with added disappointment perhaps because of the possible satirical side that doesn’t appear to be fully realized in the film just based on this spot anyway. Consensus: This trailer left a bad taste in my mouth and a pain in the back of my eyes from rolling them a little too much. I wish I could expect more from this but I just can’t muster it.

Then there’s August: Osage County (Release: January 2014)


The cast is amazing, that’s the first think I thought when I saw this trailer. Then I wondered what it was, this seemingly typical family/ensemble dramedy. When I found out it was the film adaptation of the much acclaimed play, I was instantly disappointed in the skewed tone of the trailer. While I haven’t read or seen the play, I heard enough to feel like the trailer shouldn’t have made it seem like quite so hokey of a tale. And I’m not saying there shouldn’t be humor but the drama didn’t seem that dramatic here. And maybe that’s what’s needed to bring audiences in but I’m just afraid people will expect one thing and receive something very different. That being said, the acting will no doubt be top notch and that is what this trailer makes me most excited for. Consensus: I’ll see it and just be aware that the trailer may not have given me a clear enough idea of what I’m getting into, but the presence of so much talent is enough to make me not care that much about possibly underselling or overselling certain feelings or themes.

Again, maybe these films will actually be much different and hopefully in some cases better than I expect solely based on their advertising. Either way, thanks for reading my own personal first judgments on the trailers I got to see on the big screen yesterday!


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